Apple’s much-anticipated iPhone 15 series is about to launch, so news about it is everywhere. The iPhone 15 series could be delayed due to Apple’s search for a ‘Bezel-less’ iPhone. It was particularly disappointing for users to hear about the delay. According to recent information, the company is doing well. It appears that Apple has resolved the initial production problems with the iPhone 15 lineup, and there is no delay in sight for now.

There is a strong tradition of traditionalism at Apple. Because of this, you can usually predict what they’ll do each year. Sometimes, however, the company manages to surprise everyone. Until recently, the standard iPhone and Pro series were identical, except for their cameras and sizes. Both the processor and design of the two series have been distinguished by the tech giant recently.

LG Display was reported to be the manufacturer facing the problem. It was particularly difficult to create the holes for the selfie camera and Face ID. The OLED screens would form dark spots when these parts were cut. In the event that these spots grow, you might not be able to see anything on the screen for a short period of time if you have used OLED phones before and had unfortunate accidents. Fortunately, this problem has been resolved. The LG screen was protected from the damage caused by the cut because the cutting took place in an isolated area.

It was also because of cost that Apple didn’t make changes every year. Apple will maintain its premium feel in its new iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus models by including Dynamic Island, as well as by using the USB-C port instead of the Lightning port to comply with European Union regulations. As a result, costs will increase significantly. According to the company, its new models will cost at least $100 more if the claims are true.