Long rumors have circulated about Apple’s upcoming AR headset. Upon tapping the Apple logo at the top of the WWDC 2023 event page, one was able to reveal an easter egg. Users were redirected to an AR simulation that displayed the Apple logo in real-time. At WWDC 2023, Apple unveiled the much-anticipated AR headset, Apple Vision Pro.

Apple Vision Pro:

A select group of developers had previously been given access to Vision Pro by the Cupertino giant to adapt their apps. The iPad and Mac apps will all be available when the new devices launch next year, according to Apple. Several third-party apps, including Microsoft and Zoom, are already optimized.

According to Tim Cook, the product will introduce us to spatial computing. Apple claims the device can integrate digital content into the environment around us. There are 23 million pixels on two displays in the Vision Pro. You’ll be able to control the device with your eyes, hands, and voice. Fingers can be used to select and flick to scroll.

Apple’s Vision Pro has Eyesight, which displays our eyes and expressions to others through the external display. If someone is nearby, the outer display will display a different animation. As soon as they disappear, the display shows your eyes and you can connect wirelessly to your Mac.

There’s an M2 chipset and a custom R2 processor on the Vision Pro. You can take photos and videos in 3D. It can also simulate a dark theatre in a bright room, according to Apple. The company says our entire world is an app canvas. Disney World and Apple have teamed up to offer users an incredible experience.

According to Disney’s CEO, Vision Pro will have its content from day one. Disney World’s partnership will let users experience AR in sports, concerts, and underwater. With an external battery pack, Apple says the device will last 2 hours. It can also run all day if you plug it in.

Apple’s Vision Pro AR headset uses visionOS. With the device, you can attach magnetically Zeiss lenses with custom optical inserts. People who wear glasses would be able to use the product because it supports lenses. It also comes with a new biometric security method called Optic ID. Like Touch ID and Face ID, this new ID uses the user’s iris to unlock the device.


The Apple Vision Pro is available for USD 3,499 (approximately Rs 2,88,000). In early 2024, the device will be available in the US market, according to the company. It is anticipated that the device will be available internationally by the end of 2024. Due to the long delay in availability, developers will have ample time to design their apps to be compatible with the AR headset.