Several redesigned elements of iOS 17 have been revealed in the latest leak. Twitter user @analyst941, who goes by 941 on Twitter, has posted several renders of iOS 17. A significant overhaul is coming to apps like Health, Wallet, and Wallpaper, says the tipper. Due to iOS 16’s rocky terrain, iOS 17 is primarily expected to be an iterative improvement aimed at weeding out bugs and improving performance.

Using information from his sources, the tipster created renders. With iOS 17, he shared a redesigned Wallpaper picker interface that displays nine wallpapers in a grid. In the grid view, users can rearrange wallpapers and delete any that they don’t want. With a single swipe up, users can share or duplicate wallpapers.

Additionally, the Favourites section of the health app will be revamped. According to the tweet above, Apple will also display the Health Favourites as individual cards. It is likely that the cards will have data graphs and tables inside the square tabs, although the tipster did not share a full render. The user should be able to choose which card to display.

As a final note, the Wallet app will also undergo several changes. All transactions will be categorized, there will be an “All Transactions” button, and you can search by swiping down. Apple Cash will also get a dedicated tab in iOS 17, according to the leakster.

As of now, this is all the tipster has shared, with the assurance that more information and renders will be revealed soon. It’s best to take these renders with a grain of salt since this tipster has no track record.