As part of its Ether line of electronic accessories, Inbase Tech recently introduced fast chargers. Various charging standards like WARP, QC, PD, PPD, SUPERVOOC, and DASH are supported by the seven different chargers. Power outputs range from 18 to 95 watts.

Its smart ICs allow for optimal charging regardless of brand and protect the chargers against short circuits, overvoltages, overheating, and overcurrents. The P201, P251, Q181, and SV301 models are portable, rapid chargers, while the P451, PSV501, and PSV951L are fast chargers with cutting-edge GaN technology.

The Ether Q181 is an 18-watt fast charger that supports QC 3.0. It also has a USB output. The Ether Q181 costs Rs.299 in India.

The Ether P201 comes equipped with a 20-Watt QC 3.0 Fast Charge port with Type C output. Ether P201 cost Rs.499/- in India.

In addition to VOOC, SUPERVOOC, PPS, & PD, Ether P251 offers 25W QC+ PD charging and supports multiple protocols. It is priced at Rs.499/- in India.

The Ether SV301 is a 30W charger that supports USB output, SUPERVOOC, Warp, and Dash charging protocols. The Ether SV301 costs Rs.499/-.

Ether P401 is a 45W ultrafast charger with GaN technology, a Type C output, and multiple protocol support. It costs Rs.899/- in India.

Ether PSV501 – Ultrafast charging 50W with GaN technology – supports multiple protocols via USB and Type C. It costs Rs.949/- in India.

The Ether PSV951L supports all protocols & offers 95W ultrafast charging with GaN technology. It is priced at Rs.2799/- in India.

Several popular online platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and Inbase sell these chargers, as well as leading retail outlets.