Audio Pro has recently launched four new audio products in the Indian market: AddonC10MKII, AddonC5MKII, A10, and A15. A stylish look and outstanding sound quality make these products perfect for any home or office.

Addon C10MKII


The bass is deep and breathtaking. The C10 MKII supports Bluetooth, Google Chromecast, and AirPlay 2. Audio formats include Apple Lossless and RCA for wired connections. Featuring a sizable woofer and twin tweeters, it can be used with or without the magnetic, detachable speaker grill. There is an option to add a subwoofer to it.

The C10 MKII will cost Rs.65,000/- in India.

Addon C5MKII


The Addon C5MKII stereo speaker is lightweight and easy to install. The brassy finish has features like preset options, connectivity keys, and play/pause/volume buttons. When needed, the speaker produces a delicate and detailed sound. Subwoofers can also be added to the stereo.

The Addon C5MKII cost Rs.50,600/- in India.


Small and round, this speaker makes a space-saving addition to any small space. Due to its BMR technology and unconventional use of a dedicated woofer, the speaker has astonishing sound despite its compact size. Multi-room capabilities are provided by Airplay 2, Google Cast, and wireless multi-room technology.

The A10 will cost Rs.36,150/- in India.


11-hour battery life and IPX2 rating (water-resistant) are features of the speaker. You can use this speaker both indoors and outdoors. Among its features are AirPlay 2, Google Cast, and Audio Pro Multiroom.

The A15 will cost Rs.57,800/- in India.