Google prioritized AI and hardware announcements during its I/O 2023 keynote but we still got a preview of the new customization features coming to Android 14 as well as a Beta 2 release that’s available starting today for a range of smartphones from different makers. These include Google Pixel phones as well as devices from Xiaomi, Oppo, vivo, Realme, OnePlus, iQOO, Nothing, Tecno and Lenovo.

Android 14 Beta 2 will iron out many developer and user-side bugs found in the first beta release. Google is enhancing the camera experience with native support for 10-bit HDR images for even richer and more vibrant colors. The Ultra HDR Image Format (v0.9.1) used by Google is fully compatible with JPEG images so apps will be able to display HDR images as SDR when needed. Google is also adding support for 10-bit compressed image capture on supported devices.

In Android 14, apps and extensions will also be able to handle longer processing times for improved low-light images. Tap to focus and zoom will now be supported in extensions, and the post-view feature will provide less-processed images more quickly. There is also native support for in-sensor zoom.

Android 14’s Predictive Back gesture is getting more developer-side tweaks with Beta 2. Lossless audio over USB is also supported in the latest beta. As a result, you can connect to audiophile-quality headphones and amps without having to mix, adjust the volume, or process the audio. Later this year, Google will enable lossless USB audio on devices with OEM partners.

Android 14 will also include Health Connect as a built-in feature. The Health Connect app stores your health and fitness data and lets you manage how it’s shared between apps. The exercise route-sharing feature will also be added to Health Connect.

A new location data runtime permission dialog will also appear on Android 14 when an app tries to share location data. The users will also be notified if any apps with location permission change their data-sharing permissions. The device settings menu will provide access to all of these features.

In June, Android 14 is expected to enter platform stability with the Beta 3 release. Two more beta releases will follow before the final commercial release.