Earlier this year, Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy Z Flip 5. Samsung is expected to release its foldable phone in the second half of 2023 along with the Galaxy Z Fold 5 5G. The launch timeline has not been confirmed by Samsung. Despite this, a lot of information about the upcoming Samsung foldable phones has leaked online months in advance. Here is the latest Galaxy leak. The outer display of the Flip 5 is revealed in some detail.

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 5 is said to have a large cover display. The current-generation foldable phone has a 1.9-inch display. Due to the fact that OPPO and Motorola have already launched clamshell-style foldable phones with larger outer displays, Samsung might be forced to make the change.

Despite the fact that the exact size of the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 5’s cover display is unknown, SamMobile has shared a mockup based on the leaked details. In its report, the report reveals an image of the larger, oddly shaped outer screen. Top left corner must be dedicated to dual cameras and LED flash.

There will be a lot of space covered by the outer display. With this larger display, you’ll be able to take high-resolution selfies as well as perform some other tasks without having to unfold them.

SamMobile reported that the Galaxy Z Flip 5’s cover screen will be 3-4 inches in size. According to some rumors, the Galaxy Z Flip 5’s cover display will measure 3.4 inches.