The Play Store will soon feature a new feature that will allow users to install more applications on their smartphones. A new feature, called “Auto-archive,” is being worked on by Google, which will automatically delete data from apps that are no longer used for a long period of time. As a result, Google’s storage space will increase. Users who install a lot of apps on their devices but never use them will find this feature useful.

In order to free up space on a smartphone, users must uninstall apps or delete other files or data. Users can, however, benefit greatly from the “auto-archive” feature in this scenario.

As reported by 9to5Google, this feature lets you delete most of your app’s code and resources, thereby saving space, and automatically download them from the Play Store once you need them. Using this feature, an app’s size can be reduced by almost 60% without being fully removed from the phone. Further, all personal data and settings remain intact, and the app icon will still be displayed in the launcher.

Simply tap on the app’s icon after it has been auto-archived, and the necessary files will be downloaded, allowing you to use the app without losing any data. The auto-archive feature, however, is not available to all apps. Apps that use the App Bundle format will be able to participate in this program, which ensures that only necessary resources are downloaded to the user’s phone.

Moreover, this feature will automatically select unused Android apps for archiving so the process is even easier. When you install new apps, a pop-up will ask you to enable this option. It will then prompt the Play Store to remove redundant apps so you can install what you want. As a result, users will be able to archive apps more seamlessly, saving them time and effort.

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