MWC Barcelona 2023 has finally begun. Several brands launched their products on the first day itself. Also on display will be Xiaomi’s 13 series. We will soon see launches like the Honor Magic 5 series, and much more. At MWC, Motorola also showcased its rollable concept smartphone. With its classic Motorola Rizr branding, the rollable phone lands in the market. There are several exciting features on the device!

Motorola’s Rizr series of smartphones are legendary vintage phones from the company. This series was launched by Motorola in 2006 with the Razr Z3. It has a sliding keypad. As soon as the top section is opened, the standard keys are revealed. The phone’s keypad is concealed when closed, but once unlocked, the other keys, including the side keys, can be accessed.

The new Motorola Rizr continues its legacy, even though it includes an automated rollable display mechanism. The automated system eliminates the need for us to manually stretch and roll the display. The smartphone was showcased during the MWC 2023 event, according to Twitter user Ben Wood. As shown in the video, the device is relatively small when the display is in its usual state, and when it is rolled up, it resembles a typical smartphone.

Additionally, AndroidAuthority reports that the device features a 5-inch POLED display with a 15:9 aspect ratio and a small size. When rolled up, it becomes a 6.5-inch screen with a 22:9 aspect ratio. According to the device’s stage, the entire user interface varies. There is an interesting wallpaper that triggers when the device is shifted by the manufacturer.

There are a variety of uses for the smartphone’s rollable display. When the power button is double-tapped, the display rolls and expands. Additionally, it adjusts the display size accordingly. If you view a video in landscape mode, the display will automatically adjust its size. It has two rear cameras, a metal gold-like color, and device branding.

So that was all we had to say about the Motorola Rizr concept smartphone. It looks absolutely fantastic, so we are eager to put it to the test in real life. Although the product hasn’t officially launched, it won’t be possible. Commercial availability of the device has not yet been announced. It could be a while before a product is introduced.