Apple launches four iPhone models every year – Mini, Standard, Pro, and Pro Max. It is expected that the company will continue to launch a similar lineup this year.

According to reports, Apple will revamp its lineup of devices next year, including the iPhone Ultra, which is expected to be the top-of-the-line model, more powerful than the Pro Max.

Bloomberg reported earlier this week that Apple will launch the iPhone Ultra along with the Pro and Pro Max models in 2024, which means the iPhone 16 series will have this new feature.

As previously speculated, the Ultra model would replace the Pro Max model in the iPhone 15 lineup, but now it is being claimed that the Pro Max will remain, and Ultra will be a new model.

The upcoming Ultra smartphone model is also expected to feature a titanium build, giving it a premium appearance and feel. Furthermore, titanium is scratch-resistant, lighter, and stronger than steel, making it a premium material compared to steel.

It offers a unique marketing opportunity for the company since titanium-body smartphones aren’t common on the market. In addition, the material could increase the device’s price. A faster chip, a larger display, and possibly a portless design without Lightning or USB-C are expected to accompany the phone.