Oppo’s Reno8 T series has been rumored for over a week now, and it will arrive “soon.” Oppo’s Indonesian branch also set up a promo page for the Reno8 T series on its official website, confirming leaks of its design and color options.

Reno8 T series, dubbed “The Portrait Expert,” will come in 4G and 5G versions. Oppo’s website and online store don’t explicitly mention 4G or 5G smartphones. There are rumors that the black and orange smartphones have flat screens and punch holes in the top-left, indicating the Reno8 T 5G has a gradient design, curved display, and a centered punch hole. On the back of both variants, there are triple camera setups, and Oppo has teased a microscope on its promotional page.

Oppo Glow will be on the Midnight Black Reno8 T 4G and 5G, while leather will be on the Reno8 T 4G Sunset Orange. Although it’s unclear if this is the same Fiberglass-Leather design we’ve seen on F21 Pro 4G.

Oppo also shared an image showing the first camera on the orange model with a white ring around it. We’ve seen the Orbit Light on the F21 Pro 4G, and it’s used when taking microscopic photos/videos to evenly light the area. Additionally, when the phone is charging, it will light up when it receives a call or a notification from an app.

According to Oppo’s tweet, the Reno8 T lineup will also feature a 100MP Portrait Camera, but more details are not provided. It is expected that Oppo will launch the Reno8 T in India in the first week of February, so expect more teasers in the coming days.