The Pixel Tablet has definitely been a long time coming for Google. Though it was first teased in May 2022, it is still not official, despite one being listed for sale on Facebook Marketplace in December. There is a new rumor from a generally reliable source today that sheds some light on the upcoming device.

There will not be a ‘vanilla’ and ‘pro’ Pixel Tablet, contrary to some previous murmurs. There were two possible iterations, and the higher-end one remained. While the lower-end one with the first-generation Tensor chipset was apparently canceled.

In addition to the Tensor G2 SoC present in the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, the Pixel Tablet will receive a 2,560×1,600 resolution screen manufactured by China Star Optoelectronics and a Richtek RT4539 LED driver. You won’t see an AMOLED panel on Google’s upcoming tablet, as this is used for LCD screens’ backlights.

The Pixel Tablet has at least one version with 8GB of Samsung RAM and 256GB of UFS storage, as well as a side-mounted fingerprint reader (likely integrated into the power button).

Here are some new images of the Pixel Tablet that have been leaked. A dock will be included for easy use as a smart display. But it’s unclear whether it will be included as a standard accessory or sold separately. This is the first time we’ve reached the eight-month mark since the maker initially teased the Pixel Tablet. Still, there is any official news about the device.