The images of the Samsung Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra dummies were published immediately after they posed for a camera. Based on previous render leaks, the dummies confirm the design.

In the leaked gallery, all three models are shown side-by-side in black and white. The Galaxy S23 and S23+’s camera island is the most noticeable change. There is no longer a common plate below, and each lens sticks out on its own.

As a result, they are closer in design to the Galaxy S23 Ultra, which hasn’t changed much either. The S23 Ultra still has blocky corners, which sets it apart from the S23.

Only the SIM card tray placement differs between the dummies and the renders from before. In the renders, the tray is shown at the bottom, while the dummies have it on the side. If you’re wondering what the indentation below the power key is for, it’s most likely for the 5G antenna.