Redmi K60E is part of the company’s K60 series, which was recently leaked via tipster Kacper Skryzpek, according to a new report. According to a new report, the device could be a redesigned version of Xiaomi’s existing smartphones.

As reported by Xiaomiui, the device might be a reworked version of a Xiaomi 12T or Redmi K50S. It’s possible that the upcoming K60E model is just a shortened version of the K60 Extreme. According to the report, this will be the successor to the Redmi K40S with all details coming from the MIUI codebase. The Skryzpek leak, which also revealed the codename ‘Rembrandt’, also carried the model number ‘22127RK46C’ for the device.

Xiaomiui believes that the Redmi K60E is a redesigned version of the Redmi K50S. Interestingly, this phone is also a rebranded Xiaomi 12T. Since the Xiaomi 12T model wasn’t available in China, Xiaomi rebranded it. Among its features were the MediaTek Dimensity 8100 Ultra SoC, a Full HD+ AMOLED display, and a 5,000mAh battery with 120W fast charging.

Basically, we can expect the K60E to have some of the same specifications as the K50S. The company may upgrade the Dimensity 8100 Ultra to the Dimensity 8200 processor in the Redmi K60E. The company will only release the K60E smartphone in China, according to the report.