Google only launched its Pixel 7 series smartphones a few months ago, powered by its own Tensor G2 processor. The next-generation Tensor processor is now leaking online, according to reports.

According to a report, Google’s Tensor G3 processor will be manufactured by Samsung, and it has been codenamed Zuma.

Google Tensor SoC

Other details have also surfaced online, including the codename and manufacturer. The Tensor G3 is reported to be an offshoot of Samsung’s Exynos 2300. There are no details about the Tensor G3 processor at this time.

Despite ditching its own Exynos chips from the upcoming flagship Galaxy S23 lineup in favor of Qualcomm chips, Samsung has already begun developing the Exynos 2300 chip.

According to the report, Samsung may fabricate the chip codenamed Zuma using the more advanced 3nm process. The current-generation Tensor G2 uses a 5nm node. In addition, Google is supposed to use the same modem as in the current chipset for its Tensor processor.