The Hero Group’s Qubo is bringing the best of technology advancements to Indian consumers through its range of products and services across Smart Home, Connected Auto and Smart Living. In addition to Qubo MagZap, the company also offers Qubo Gimbal, a wireless charging system that is MagSafe compatible.

Qubo 3-axis gimbals cost INR 6,990, while Magzap Magsafe compatible chargers start at INR 1490.

Qubo MagZap

The Qubo MagZap products charge multiple Apple devices simultaneously, which eliminates the clutter of multiple wires needed to charge iPhones, iWatches, and AirPods separately. Qubo MagZap chargers are designed to safeguard Apple devices with built-in safe charging mechanisms. In addition to the high-quality standards, Qubo has tested this range on multiple levels for reliability. Qubo also provides 1-year warranty support.

Qubo has launched four different MagZap variants to cater to different needs. The MagZap Z1, Z2, Z3 and Z5 are among them. Z1 charges an iPhone, Z2 charges an iPhone and a pair of AirPods simultaneously, Z5 additionally charges an iWatch, and Z3 charges an iPhone, iWatch, and Airpods in a foldable, travel-friendly wireless charger.

Qubo Gimbal


Smartphones are used more and more for professional content creation. The result is a need for smartphone accessories that simplify video shooting and enhance the quality. This is exactly what the Qubo Gimbal is intended to solve. A pocket gimbal with three-axis stabilization, it is easy to carry. This product comes with a Qubo Pro App, which is packed with advanced Artificial Intelligence features such as face and object tracking, gesture control, hyper-lapse, time-lapse, and more.