This month will see the official launch of new iPad models. A new iPad and iPad Pro with M2 are expected to be announced on October 24th, according to Mark Gurman. A press release should suffice and not a full-fledged launch.

This is just in time for the iPadOS 16.1 OS rollout. Additionally, Bloomberg Mark Gurman reported that iPadOS 16.1 will be released alongside new product announcements later this month. It is believed that iPadOS 16.1 is on track to be released by October 24th, according to his sources.

During the beta phase, Apple was criticized for instabilities in its iPad OS, so the company wants to be sure that all bugs have been fixed.

Mark Gurman reports that iPadOS 16.1 will be released around the end of October. Apple wants to make sure there are no major bugs or problems before releasing a new version. Gurman also speculates that the update may be an indication of new products to come. Earnings for Q4 2022 will be announced on October 27th. It is common for the company to launch new products the week before its October earnings call.

A week after being announced on October 18th, the MacBook Pro hit stores on October 26th. Two days later, on October 28th, earnings for Q4 2021 were released. Gurman reported a few weeks ago that Apple might announce new products with a press release instead of a launch event. In the past, Apple has been known to release products quietly, like iPads.