Nothing Ear (1)

At least two earphone releases are on the way from Carl Pei’s Nothing company. A new model of the brand’s Nothing earbuds is apparently on the way after the brand introduced its first model last year. The Nothing ear (2) buds can be seen in a few renders.

Visually, there is not much difference from Nothing ear (1). The product’s overall aesthetic remains unchanged, as does the transparent casing. In place of the Nothing logo, the buds have an “ear (2)” branding on the stem. Hardware details regarding Nothing ear (2) buds are still unknown.

The Nothing Ear (stick) will be unveiled on October 26 by Carl Pei’s company, however. London Fashion Week teased the buds, and the company has made it clear that weight will be a key feature. The Nothing Ear (stick) buds weigh just 4.4 grams and are apparently designed to be worn all day.

However, Nothing Ear (stick) and Nothing Ear (2) are clearly different products. The latter may still be some time away from being officially launched. The first generation Nothing Ear (1) TWS earphones have recently been priced higher, which is a somewhat perplexing move in the wake of their successor. Let’s wait and see how this all plays out.