Earlier this month, Xiaomi hinted that it would unveil the Redmi Note 12 series of phones. There are currently few details available, but according to industry sources, the launch will initially include three devices – the Redmi Note 12, Note 12 Pro, and Note 12 Pro+. As with previous Redmi Note lines, we anticipate that list to grow over time.

Until the event, we’ll have to focus on some leaked clues like this product banner that appears to show the Redmi Note 12 Pro+ with a curved display. As a result, the panel in question will also be OLED.

There are still few details about the Redmi Note 12 phones, but leaks mention a Dimensity 1080 chipset for the two Pro models. There are a few improvements between the Dimensity 920 and 1080, but many are focused on the chip’s ability to handle a 200MP camera. We shouldn’t be surprised if at least one of the Redmi Note 12 phones comes with a 200MP camera.

We know, based on Xiaomi’s Weibo post, that the Redmi Note 12 series will feature “two major technologies,” including a “world first”. Additionally, the Redmi Note 12 Pro+ has been certified to handle 210W charging. Maybe that’s one of the features Xiaomi is referring to. However, that’s just speculation on our part. Until the announcement is made, there is still a bit of mystery to explore.