The company’s Nest brand is known for its smart home products, and it appears that the company is planning to launch a new product under the Nest brand called Google Nest WiFi Pro. Previously we saw leaks revealing the US pricing details of the alleged Google Nest Wifi Pro 6E.


Today, Google has finally introduced the new Google Nest Wifi Pro. As per the renders, the Google Nest Wifi Pro will look identical to its predecessor. It arrives in four colors Snow, Linen, Fog, and Lemongrass colors. This time it has got a glossy finish when compared with its predecessor. Further, the device is a bit elongated in terms of height.


In real teams, the lane exists frequently within the 6GHz-7GHz radio and offers a more direct route to the top speeds. According to Google, you can get speeds twice as fast as Wi-Fi 6. WiFi 6E is a pretty new addition to the ever-evolving world of Wi-Fi, and the new Nest Wifi Pro will future-proof you to a great extent. The device can support speeds up to 4/2 GBits/s. It adds the capability to connect up to 100 devices (or a maximum of 300 devices if you have three of them) and is a significant upgrade over the Nest Wifi router. Additionally, it provides faster speeds, lower latency for gamers, less buffering for video content – including calls – and less buffering for video content.
The new models, which will now compete with Amazon’s Eero Pro 6E, won’t be compatible with older versions of the Google/Nest Wifi products, meaning you’ll need to start afresh.
Google says the Nest Wifi Pro can serve as a hub for all of your Matter-compatible devices now that the Matter smart home standard is out in the wild. Also included is a Thread border router.
You can manage everything from the Nest home app, which also supports Google Assistant. The same automatic features that made the range so popular will remain; ensuring bandwidth and speed are sent to devices that need it.


From today, Google will offer a single router for $199 (Rs.16,500/-) that can cover a 2,200-square-foot home. You can get a pair for $299 (Rs.25,000/-) or a trio for $399(Rs.32,500/-) if you have a bigger space. In the US, pre-orders begin today.