As we await the iPhone 14 series’ arrival on September 7th, a new report claims the iPhone 15 Pro will be the most powerful phone in 2023. Taiwanese foundry TSMC recently claimed that the next-gen 3nm mobile processor will hit high volume production soon. Digitimes reports Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro models will first see the enhanced N3E chip in 2024, but the Android world won’t receive it until then.
The CEO of TSMC stated: “N3E will enhance our N3 family with enhanced performance, power, and yield.”. Customer engagement was high at N3E, and volume production is expected one year after N3.
We’ll likely see the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 debut at Qualcomm’s 2022 Snapdragon Summit between November 15th and November 17th. Snapdragon Gen 3 won’t utilize a 3nm process and will instead use a 4nm, which means the 3nm Qualcomm chip won’t break cover until 2024.
TSMC will launch a 3nm chipset for MediaTek at the end of 2023, meaning Apple will be the only brand with a 3nm chip, likely an A17, for its phone. According to the report, “Apple is the principal customer of TSMC’s 3nm process manufacturing in 2023, and the foundry is expected to meet considerable orders for 3nm chips in 2024.”
Using a 3nm chip and fewer pixels than the iPhone 15 Pro Max, the iPhone 15 Pro will outperform its Pro Max sibling in benchmarks, making it the most powerful handset in 2023.