Last year, Samsung produced Google’s first Tensor chip on its 5nm node. It was used in the Pixel 6 series and provided decent performance. In a new report, the South Korean company is working on Google’s next-generation Tensor chip and its own Exynos 1380 processor.
According to GalaxyClub, Samsung is testing a next-generation Tensor chipset. In the Pixel 8 series, the chipset with model number S5P9865 is said to be the third-generation Google Tensor chip. It is codenamed ‘Ripcurrent’ on the development board and ‘Zuma’ on the chip. Accordingly, it is likely that the mentioned chipset is a Samsung-made Tensor SoC since the first generation also had the same model number (S5P9845).
Google Tensor SoC
The newly discovered model number (S5P9865) likely represents the third generation of Tensor SoC, according to reports that Tensor 2 will be developed on a developer board called “Cloudripper.”
According to reports, the rumoured Exynos 1380 SoC will replace the Exynos 1280 SoC, launched in April. S5E8835 is the product code for the Exynos 1280 SoC being developed and tested. As the Exynos 1280 powers the Galaxy A53, we can expect its successor to power the Galaxy A54.
The development of new SoCs has yet to be confirmed by Samsung.