Samsung is back with some exciting launches later next year. The Galaxy Z Flip4 & Galaxy Z Fold4 are already on sale. We have now leaked revealing the details of the new 2023 flagship Galaxy S23 series. Previously we saw leaks revealing the details about the new Galaxy S3 Ultra. Now the same source has some bad news for those waiting for a better version of the Galaxy S22 successor aka Galaxy S23 & Galaxy S23+.

As per the report, the upcoming Galaxy S23 & Galaxy S23+ will surely disappoint many as it will not get any major upgrades this time. The source revealed that Galaxy S23 & Galaxy S23+ will come with almost similar specs and designs as their predecessors. Yes, the Galaxy S23 & Galaxy S23+ will look exactly similar to Galaxy S22 & Galaxy S22+.

Not even the middle frame has not changed and will retain the same old boring design as the predecessor. Even the display or the camera sensor will not get any upgrade and will carry the same one found on the Galaxy S22 & Galaxy S22+. The only major change will be the new powerful chipset aka Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC.

Lastly, the source also revealed that Galaxy S23 & Galaxy S23+ will carry the same battery capacity as its predecessor.