Several expert groups will soon be established by the Indian government that will investigate the possibility of adopting common chargers for smartphones and portable electronic devices. According to the Consumers Affairs Secretary, industry stakeholders wish to discuss shifting to common chargers while addressing concerns about e-waste. The government will make a final decision after considering all stakeholder’s views.

Indian officials are considering switching to two types of chargers, including Type-C, instead of the EU policy mandating all mobile phones and portable electronic devices to be equipped with Type-C.

As reported recently, the Indian government is exploring the possibility of having a single charger for all devices. Consumer Affairs Secretary has confirmed, however, that two types of chargers are being considered instead of one for phones and electronics.

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Prior to making a final decision, the government of India wants to hear from industry stakeholders. This move reduces consumer burdens and prevents e-waste. This move follows a mandate announced by the European Union (EU), which required phone manufacturers to launch devices with USB Type-C ports by 2024.

Senior consumer affairs ministry officials told PTI recently that e-waste should be prevented in India. It is impossible for companies to serve in India if they are able to do so in Europe or the US? A common charger should be available for portable electronic devices like smartphones and tablets, said the official. Apple will be forced to use a Type-C port on the iPhone if India makes it mandatory for all smartphones and electronic devices. In 2024, however, Apple might switch to a Type-C port for all iPhones.