MIUI 14 screenshots have appeared on the web, revealing some upcoming changes. There is no doubt that this is based on Android 13. Xiaomi uses date-based versions, so this is the most recent version.
You can quickly copy text from documents you have snapped using the Gallery app’s text recognition feature. You can also view old photos from a given day using the “On this day” feature.
With Bluetooth LE Audio, the next generation of wireless audio, we will be able to play music wirelessly. There is also support for Auracast broadcasting – one device can act as a sort of FM radio station with multiple headphones supporting it. Moreover, Multi-Stream will be able to send audio simultaneously to both TWS buds (current TWS headsets have a main bud that connects to a secondary bud).
A new Anti-fraud protection feature in MIUI 14 will flag suspicious calls, messages, and apps.
You’ll also be able to declutter notifications and take advantage of a redesigned Assistant interface in the new version. UI improvements have also been made to the clock app.
There won’t be an intermediate version of MIUI this year, as there was last year. It is planned that Xiaomi will go directly from MIUI 13 to MIUI 14.