Next week, Motorola will announce the Edge X30 Pro alongside the Razr 2022. With every passing day, we discover more about the devices – this time it’s the X30 Pro.
In China, Chen Jin, Lenovo’s general manager of its mobile phone business, said the X30 Pro would be more expensive than the X30. There is no way that the new X30 Pro will be able to match the price of the old X30 Pro, which started at CNY 2,999 (approximately Rs.35,500/-).
In the X30 Pro, the first thing you’ll notice is the 200MP camera. That’s a first in a smartphone, and the sensor is indeed very large (and probably very expensive). Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset powers the X30 Pro, a newer and better model than the X30’s 8 Gen 1.
Consequently, Lenovo-owned Motorola had trouble keeping the price below CNY 3,000 because of these components. We won’t know what exact number we should expect next Tuesday, but it’s not that far away anyway.
Rumors have long suggested that Edge X30 Pro will launch outside of China at a later date as Edge 30 Ultra. There is no doubt that the Edge 30 Pro, which is a rebranded Edge X30, should also be more expensive than the Edge 30 Pro.