The Galaxy S22 series is slated to be released in the first half of February 2022. Most of the characteristics of the Galaxy S22 series smartphones. Including their chipsets, screen sizes, rear-facing cameras, and battery capacities already been leaked ahead of the official launch. Now, according to a fresh source, certain details concerning their front-facing cameras have been exposed.

According to GalaxyClub, the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+ will retain the 10MP selfie camera found on the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S20, and Galaxy S21. As well as the 10MP rear camera found on the Galaxy S10.

In fact, it’s possible that Samsung is employing the same sensor size, aperture, and autofocus as Sony. If you recall, the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21+ both have a 10MP front-facing camera with a 1/3.24-inch sensor, 1.22-micron pixels, dual-pixel autofocus, and F2.2 aperture, and the ability to record 4K video at 60 frames per second.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra, like its predecessors, the Galaxy S20 Ultra, and the Galaxy S21 Ultra. It will reportedly have a 40MP selfie camera, comparable to the Galaxy S20 Ultra and the Galaxy S21 Ultra. For the third year in a row, Samsung has failed to enhance the selfie cameras on its high-end smartphones.

Despite the fact that the Galaxy S21’s front-facing camera is not awful in any way, the firm could improve selfie cameras on its phones, especially given how much people have begun to use front-facing cameras recently (for video meetings and vlogging).