Samsung expects to sell more foldable phones next year, according to a document obtained by The Elec. Interessant is the breakdown of Galaxy S, Z, and A-series models within each series.

Samsung aims to sell 6.9 million Galaxy Z Flip4s and 2.9 million Galaxy Z Fold4s. Comparatively, the 2021 models aimed for 4 million Z Flip3 and 3 million Z Fold3. This means that while the larger Fold’s aim will remain the same, the smaller, cheaper Flip will see a surge in manufacturing (and sales).

Even if foldable become more prevalent in Samsung’s flagship range, the S-series will continue to dominate. This year’s Note phone will have greater S Pen integration, and Samsung expects to create 14 million Galaxy S22 phones, 8 million S22+, and 11 million S22 Ultras.

S21 forecasts were 10 million S21, 8 million S21+, and 8 million Ultra. Samsung forecasts strong demand for the vanilla S22 and the S22 Ultra (up 4 and 3 million, respectively), while the Plus model is expected to remain stable.

According to The Elec, the S22 series will be presented on January 5 at CES. Galaxy S22 FE will be released later this year, with 5.7 million units planned. Foldables will make up 20% of Samsung’s flagships next year.

The bulk of devices will be A-series entry-level and mid-range. The Galaxy A53 is predicted to sell 28 million copies next year, followed by the Galaxy A13 (27 million) and A33 (23 million).

They will account for nearly a quarter of Samsung’s projected 334 million phone output for the year.