Xiaomi Smart Glasses

Xiaomi is having a big event tomorrow, September 15, where several new phones are expected (and perhaps even tablets). It’s weird that this wasn’t part of the presentation tomorrow, or maybe Xiaomi wanted to take some of Apple’s thunder?

Anyway, we’re talking about Xiaomi’s new Smart Glasses. These are smart glasses, but the manufacturer calls them “an engineer’s view of the future”. Sadly, they’re only a “smart wearable gadget idea” with no release date or pricing.

Sadly, they do sound cool on paper (and look almost like a normal pair of glasses, as you can see). Less than 51g, the Xiaomi Smart Glasses can show alerts, make calls, assist you to navigate, take pictures, and translate text “directly before your eyes.” It also has a teleprompter.

Xiaomi Smart Glass:

The display utilizes MicroLEDs for illumination and is 2.4mm x 2.02mm in dimension, the firm claims. The 4m pixels allow the display to fit inside the glasses frame. It’s a monochrome screen – no colors for you! – that can achieve 2 million nits when facing direct sunshine.

The MicroLED display utilizes 180-degree optical waveguide technology to send light beams to the human eye “via the tiny grating structure of the optical waveguide lens,” Xiaomi says.

Xiaomi Smart Glasses
Light is refracted in an unusual manner by bouncing light rays off the inner surface of the glasses lens. That enables the eye to perceive a full picture. Not utilizing complex multiple lens systems, mirrors, or half mirrors, this is done in one lens.

The XiaoAI assistant is the glasses’ “main interaction mechanism.” It filters out all but the most critical alerts, so you only receive smart home alarms, essential information from work applications, and messages from key contacts.

Dual beam-forming microphones and speakers allow you to accept calls on the glasses. The front camera is 5 MP, and the Smart Glasses can convert voice to text with real-time translations.

The Smart Glasses include a quad-core ARM CPU, battery, touchpad, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules, and, curiously, a version of Android as the OS.

So far, you’ve read the whole of Xiaomi’s statement. Isn’t it vague?

So we think this is a concept gadget to demonstrate that Xiaomi is working on smart glasses as a mass-market product, but it’s not. Hopefully, the finished product comes soon and lives up to the concept’s promise, since it’s certainly interesting.