Google just released a picture of several Pixel 6 phones with the date “Tuesday 19” as of October 19. For the first time, Google hinted at launching the new Pixels next month.

A commercial from Telstra, an Australian carrier, seems to corroborate this. “All-new Google Pixel 6 coming soon” it reads, inviting readers to register for a chance to win a Marvel Stadium sports experience.

Google Pixel 6

This deal expires on October 19, which is not a random date. It also includes some positive news. The Pixel 6 will only be available in a few places, including Australia (based on the ad). It’s excellent news for people who reside in those nations. It still directs you here, which confirms the October 19th date.

The Pixel 6 series went through the FCC today, revealing that 3 of the 6 SKUs support mmWave 5G. Also, only 3 of the 6 SKUs support UWB, although there is some overlap. But they’ll all be Wi-Fi 6E. Naturally, few nations have active mmWave networks, hence the divide.