Apple is yet to announce its next big Apple Event for the upcoming iPhones and AirPods. In the past, we got tons of leaks and rumours suggesting that the upcoming iPhone will be the iPhone 13. We even got rumours revealing the details along with specs of the new iPhone 13 series.

The user @duanrui1205, on Twitter, says he has no “first-hand information” but posted a screenshot from Chinese social networking site Weibo that appears to show official packaging with the name “iPhone 13” printed on it.

It’s hard to tell what part of the packaging it is or whether it belongs to any official packaging at all, but it looks pretty interesting and even appears to use the correct font that Apple uses.
Early on, rumours suggested Apple would skip branding the Apple 13 as a result of negative connotations surrounding the number. However, Apple leaves no stone unturned when it comes to its own direction.