Looks like Apple launching its first custom chip with Apple M1 that powered last year’s MacBook Pro series and now with iPad Pro. We saw a rise in interest in developing custom chips from Chinese brands like Oppo and Xiaomi. Now we got new leaks that might confirm the previous rumors of Xiaomi planning to launch its custom chip again.

Xiaomi Surge SoC

Yes, Xiaomi is back in the chip business but this time is not alone instead the company has partnered with its competitor Samsung. The new reports revealed that Xiaomi and Samsung had almost five meetings for the development of its powerful chip using the latest ARM Cortex X2 core.

With ARM is yet to announce its powerful Cortex X2 core processor later this year brands have already started works on it. Yes, Samsung has also started working on the Exynos processor that will use the Cortex X2 cores whereas Qualcomm will adopt new v9 architecture for its next flagship chip.

The source also confirms that Xiaomi’s custom chip will still rely on the Mali GPU and will not use the latest Samsung and AMD GPU which might be debuting with Exynos chipset. It’s too early for us to comment on the development as it’s just a leak that is still not yet confirmed.