ASKfm, a multimillion-dollar global social network, launches anonymous chat,
A new feature that was requested by 70% of the audience.

“In a few years, millions of people will look back and mark this as a moment when they opened the windows of a dark, stuffy room and let out fresh air. Because we believe that free, open, and safe communication is a social breath for us is physical to us. We make our chats anonymous so that everyone, no matter how distant or socially connected, no matter how insecure or confident, no matter what talkative or quiet she can find someone to communicate with. And as long as we haven’t seen it. At the end of a pandemic, we believe that our free, open, and secure communication is anonymous Right now we just need a chat as a breath of fresh air. “- shares Janis Grivins – CEO by ASKfm.

How did it all start?

The ASKfm social network was launched in 2010 and continues to grow always. Over the years, ASKfm has reached 348 million people worldwide who exchange 600 million questions and answers every month. The main advantage of ASKfm is anonymity. You can make new friends by asking Ask them anonymously and be found by others, or save your blog, share Confidential without revealing your identity.

Since the beginning of 2020, the platform has been fully introduced, introducing its design
ASKfm domestic currency coin, launched its own market, influenced the prize. Long-awaited programs, secret answers, and subscription packages. In addition, the secret answer function became very popular on the first stage Sunday. People can hide a catchy and catchy answer from prying eyes “Sell” to get coins. In other words, they took advantage of sharing their secrets with them.


Not long ago, communication between ASKfm users was based on questions
and only answers. U. Currently, ASKfm has a developer added new and most awaited
Features – Anonymous chat. This means of communication it becomes faster, deeper and more realistic. All chats are public while the participants are can remain anonymous.
Starting a chat is that easy voice: all you have to do is write Your message under custom
Reply. What does this function do? It’s unique that you can write it yourself
Message openly or anonymously.

That unlimited number of participants, and whoever joins the chat will do it see the complete conversation. Thank you for This way you can create a whole Hundred of user conferences, communicate with class, group, and company goals. Besides, you can feel safe with the content you get Chat function. All platform rules apply to this new feature. So the news Violations of these rules are immediately removed by the monitoring moderation service 24/7 content security.

The next steps in the development of the ASKfm social network will include “closed chats for”two” where you will be able to communicate privately.