Google Pixel 5 XL

With Google announcing the first Developer Preview for the next iteration of Android with Andriod 12. We saw many new elements being added along with some major UI changes. Now we probably got a new hint about the upcoming Google flagship for this year with Pixel 6 XL 5G.

Android 12

As per the source, Google has now added a new hidden UI feature on Android 12 DP which is taken from Samsung One UI. So the feature usually makes it comfortable to use single-handed as it helps to bring interface elements like buttons, toggles, etc closer to the bottom of the screen.

So this feature is named Silky Home which is hidden under the new system Settings UI with elements placed at bottom of the display. Just go to adb shell settings put global settings_silky_home true to enable it.

Further, there is no confirmation about whether the Silky Home feature will ever come with the final version of Android 12 at the moment. So is Google planning to make larger screen version flagship aka Pixel 6 XL 5G this year with the new Silky Home feature?  We have to wait and see as it’s too early for us to comment about the new Pixel 6 XL 5G.