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Looks like after almost four years Google is planning to bring some major UI changes with its next iteration of Android aka Android 12. Yes, Android OS didn’t get any major UI overhaul since Android 7 if we remember and now finally we may see some major UI changes.


As per the source, they have got some screenshots leaked through Google internal documents. From the leaked screenshots we can expect the Android 12 will come with bigger UI changes than expected. Sadly, the source doesn’t confirm whether the leak is legit or fake at the moment.

Android 12

The leaked images show that Android 12 will get the beige color transparency which we can notice on the notification panel. The notification panel gets an overhaul with separate conversations into their own higher-priority group and also gets more rounded corners. The quick settings are also reduced to only four now not just that the tiles icons are also bigger in size.

Android 12

With iOS bringing the privacy notification while using the app, Google has now included the same feature on Android 12 now. Yes, Google shows either the camera or microphone on the screen with an icon. Google will also add the Privacy Settings into the new Android 12 OS which adds the option to mute the microphone and disable the camera being added.

Android 12

Further, the Android 12 will get a cleaner conversation widget that shows recent messages or missed calls, or activity statuses. It can even birthday notifications. Apart from this nothing much about the new Android 12 is being revealed. So finally we might get some major UI changes with the new Android 12 and hope this leak turns out to be legit.