Google has now officially started rolling out the beta aka the Developer Preview for the next iteration of Android with Android 12 OS. Seems like this year we have got the update earlier than expected and brings lots of new features along with a major UI overhaul. The new Android 12 Developer Preview is currently out for some of the Google Pixel smartphones for now.

Currently, the update is out only for Developers and will be out for end-users only from the beginning of May with four beta updates. The final version of the Android 12 will be available right from Sept this year. The new Android 12 Developer Preview is out for Google Pixel 3 and above. Sadly, the Pixel 2 series is out from the next major Android 12 update this year.


The new features include Modern SameSite cookie behaviors in WebView, Restricted Netlink MAC, Safer exporting of components & Safer handling of intents under the Security features. Moving on to the Android 12 update will also get Compatible media transcoding
AVIF image support, Foreground service optimizations, Rich content insertion.
It also comes with a haptic-coupled audio effect, Multi-channel Audio, Immersive mode improvements for gesture navigation, Notification UI updates, Faster and more responsive notifications, Improved Binder IPC calls.