Imagine your Internet didn’t work (very annoying!) and you’re googling for solutions (from a different device which has internet of course). As you may already know if you enter a search term like “no internet connection solutions” you’ll find tons of sites, and forums discussing variations of the issue. You’ll have to browse them through, one by one, just to see who had exactly the same cause as you have, and how they solved it. You will run into the same solutions with different tweaks. You will have to experiment and check if the solutions would work in your case. And, if you’re lucky you might find somebody who listed a solution exactly to your problem. Often times, you will end up losing hours in finding a solution, and what’s worse you leave empty-handed. What’s even worse, you can do even greater harm testing solutions.

This is the exact reason why Solutionbay was built for. It holds solutions to many problems, tech, health, and more, created after spending hundreds of hours of research. Visiting Solutionbay is like visiting a doctor. When you visit a doctor, you are asked how you feel, what you ate, if you work out, when you began to feel the symptoms and other questions that will lead the doctor to prescribe the correct medications, or simply ask you to rest. You have no hours lost going from one place to another, and you got an appropriate piece of advice and medications. When your car is broken, the mechanic would ask you a series of questions and check the car parts to get to the right solution.


Now let’s move back to Solutionbay’s No Internet Connection guide. When you open it, you will see a list of specifications. Each specification brings you a step closer to solutions that will work for you. For example, if you have no Internet access to your Windows 10 desktop computer connected via Wi-Fi, you would select the specifications “Computer,“ “Desktop Computer,“ “Windows,“ “Windows 10,“ “Wi-Fi.“ By selecting these specifications alone, you won’t see solutions for laptops, Macs, smartphones, tablets, computers connected via an Ethernet cable. The more specifications you select, the more accurate solutions you will get.

If you were bitten by an insect, you will select the specifications in the Insect bite guide, specifying what bit you (a spider, bee, wasp, ant), and what you feel after the bite, to get the right solutions quickly, because there are times when spending hours doing research might cost you a lot.

Also, Solutionbay allows users to contribute to the community. If you discovered a different solution to the problem, that wasn’t mentioned already, you are free to add the solution easily, describing your case through specifications, and help other users save precious time. Also, if you have a problem, and you couldn’t find a solution, you can post that problem, and wait for our team will do research and list the best solutions available. To maintain quality, the contributed solutions are checked carefully by our team, before they are made available.

Don’t let your time go to waste – visit, and have your problems solved.