With the growing popularity of cloud storage, we saw Google, Microsoft, Apple and even many other third-party International companies launching their services in India. With the Govt of India promoting the Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative, we have one of the Govt’s own body aka Niti Ayog launching its very own cloud storage service called Digiboxx in India.


The new Digiboxx is a completely Made in India product that is designed specifically for Indian users. With the new Digiboxx, one can easily store, share, or collaborate their digital assets like photos; PDFs, files, etc. The new Digiboxx service will also offer a much-needed feature called Insta Share which allows users to send large files through email.

The service is available for individuals, SMBs, and enterprises. One can upload and even edit their digital assets through a Desktop, smartphone, and tablet using a website or even an Android or iOS app.


Digiboxx offers a basic or free plan where users will get 20GB free storage space with a 2GB file size limit without any extra charge. The Free plan will come with features like Gmail integration, SSL security, Real-time collaboration, and Web preview. It will be limited to a single user.

The next is an Individual or Freelancer plan where one can subscribe by paying just Rs.30/- per month with 5TB storage space and a file size limit of 10GB. The annual plan cost Rs.360/- per year.

For SMB’s or Business users Digiboxx is offering some additional features like automated backups, along with the ability to set file share expiry. The SMB basic plan starts at Rs.999/- per month which offers 50TB file storage space and a 10GB file size limit. The annual plan cost Rs.11,988/-.


Digiboxx comes with much-needed real-time access and editing feature which helps users to update their digital assets on-the-go through PC or smartphones. The company also states that all their files are safe and secure as it will be governed by Govt of India and uses the Personal Data Protection (PDP) bill, which is specifically aimed at the protection of data.

The Digiboxx also allows users to easily search with metadata. One can even get full customization options like storage partitions into sections, create labels, filters. With SMB’s plans, it allows cross-functional and external sharing with their employees. One can access the Digiboxx service through websiteAndroid app, or iOS.