Demand of smartwatches are on hike now a days, In the era of ultra-portability and “on the go” people are just crazy about these wearable gadgets. From Expensive Apple watch series to budget android smartwatches there is a huge variety to choose from. There are many aspects which you should consider before taking the final decision. Below we will be sharing some of the important things that you should consider before buying a smart watch for yourself.

Why do you need a smartwatch?

Smartwatches are not just designed to show you the date and time, some smartwatches are capable of replacing your smartphone entirely by offering sim card functionality in them whereas some other smartwatches are made for fitness activities tracking.

You need to make the purpose of buying a smartwatch clear in your mind. If you need a smartwatch to replace your phone then it will cost you a little higher as compared to the basic fitness trackers. Most of the fitness trackers allow you to see notification from your connected mobile phone and it is hard to distinguish between a smartwatch and fitness tracker at very first look.

Design and display

You’ll be wearing the smartwatch all day long. It’s very important to choose the decent looking and comfortable to wear smartwatch. Most of the smartwatches has a screen size ranging between 1-2 inches. Some fitness tracker has s much narrower screen with same screen height. The shape of watch dial also plays an important role in smartwatch. The squared dial with smoothened rounded edges is trendy with the introduction of apple watch, However the old school round dials smartwatches still looks decent and often found in Google’s wear OS.

Most of the smartwatches has coloured screen although some cheaper options also come with monochrome display. An ideal smartwatch should be clearly visible under direct sunlight. You always not get what you pay for, so it is always advisable to look at the reviews related to screen quality.

Battery life

An ideal smartwatch should at least stay alive for a full day. In fact, some smartwatches and fitness trackers with limited functionality can give massive uptime of around 30 days. Usually smartwatches have less battery capacity as compared to smartphones due to lower power demands. Some devices like apple watch series 5 has an always on display that consumes more battery as compared to normal displays. Some extra features like inbuilt GPS and sim card functionality impacts the battery backup of a smartwatch.

Connectivity options

Majority of smartwatches depends upon smartphones in order to enhance the functionality, the smartwatches are connected to smartphones via Bluetooth or wi-fi to exchange the data between each other with the help of a dedicated application. It is important to check whether the smartwatch supports to connect itself to your smartphone specific or not. Other connectivity options like sim card support, GPS, Wi-fi and NFC etc are also important depending on the purpose of buyer buying the smartwatch.

Activity Tracking

Most of the smartwatches are designed to track down and record the overall activity of the user. Basically, activities are tracked using a sensor called pedometer and some kind of direction sensor. The overall activity tracking can give you a look at the calories burned, distanced walked and exercise done.

Modern smartwatches also have additional sensors like heart rate monitor which can track the heart beat of the user while performing day to day activity. A body oxygen level sensor is also a popular feature of the smartwatches. Many other features include Blood pressure measure, altimeter, temperature sensor, Bioimpedance sensors etc.

Built quality and water-proof rating

Judging the built quality of smartwatch is not a rocket science thing one can easily find the detail about material used in building the smartwatch. Metal body are heavier than the plastic built but offer more durability. Built quality of strap is also a considerable aspect while choosing best smartwatch for yourself. Make sure that long term usages will not lead to rashes or scars to your skin.


Smartwatches are not limited to a smartphone replacement or a replacement of traditional watches but these can offer much more than that. It is often difficult to choose when you are choosing from the online stores. It is always recommended to look for the reviews of the other people who have already used that watch before, additionally don’t forget the above discussed factors before making the final choice.