Apple AirPods

Apple is back in news again but this time it’s not about the iPhone 12 series instead of its for the premium AirPods. Yes, Apple was also about to introduce an upgraded version of AirPods with AirPods Studio along with iPhone 12 series.

Now we have probably got both good as well as bad news for those waiting for the new AirPods Studio. Yes, Apple might introduce the new AirPods Studio along with the iPhone 12 series is the good news but the bad one is that it’s still facing Supply Chain issues.

AirPods Pro

As per the tipster, the AirPods Studio mass production isn’t complete until October 20th. Probably the source is a bit confused here that Apple might announce the AirPods Studio on Oct 13 but will be shipping only by end of this month.

If all doesn’t go well Apple might separately announce the AirPods Studio through Press release end of this month or get delayed for November launch event. Sadly, there is still no confirmation about when exactly the AirPods Studio will be launching.