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Google entered into ultracheap smartphone race in Q4 2017 where they announced a dedicated OS for the same with Android Go Edition. Initially, the OS was supporting for devices with 1GB RAM only and we even saw many popular brands launching smartphones in the past two years.

Now probably we have new requirement changes coming with the new Android 11 Go Edition OS whose details are out. As per the source, Google will not allow devices with 512MB RAM to load the GMS starting from the Android 11. Google will force brands launching with 2GB RAM device to load Android 11 Go Edition OS instead of the full version of the Android 11.

Android Go OS

So basically Google wants to provide the best User experience from the Android 11 Go Edition OS. This means that starting from Q4 of 2020 brands launching 2GB RAM device running on Android 10 must ship with the Go Edition OS instead. Further, any device launching with 2GB RAM with Android 11 must even ship with the new Android 11 Go Edition OS. With the inclusion of 2GB RAM Google might bring support for 64-bit apps for GO Edition.

So finally Google will prevent brands from launching devices with lesser than 2GB RAM which is a great move in 2020 as these devices will not perform well in daily task.