Samsung Galaxy Fold

After getting the display details by one of the industry insiders for the new Galaxy Note 20 series. We now got the display specs of the Galaxy Fold 2 the upcoming foldable smartphone from Samsung leaked. Previously there were reports about Galaxy Fold 2 will not have S-Pen support.

Now the new leaks reveal the display details for the Galaxy Fold 2. As per the source, one of the Korean outlets has accidentally leaked out the display details of the new Galaxy Fold 2. The report states that Galaxy Fold 2 will sport larger 7.7 inches internal main display which is 04. inches larger than Galaxy Fold.

The external display on the Galaxy Fold 2 is now larger with a whopping 6.23 inches. The internal screen will fold inwards with the help of vertical hinge. The external screen will act as a smartphone which is huge enough to use. The source also reveals both internal and external display will come with a full-screen design. Both the internal and external display uses the punch-hole notch.

Galaxy Fold 2

The report also reveals that the Galaxy Fold 2 display will come with 120Hz refresh rates on the main aka internal display. Sadly, the external display will feature the standard 60Hz refresh rate. Both the internal and external display comes with QHD+ resolution. The internal display comes with a resolution of  2213×1689p with 11.8:9 aspect ratio whereas the external at 2267×819 with 24:9 aspect ratio.

The Galaxy Fold 2 will use the Galaxy Z Flip like UTG display this time instead of Plastic glass. The new Galaxy Fold 2 will go official along with Note 20 series on Aug 5.