Xiaomi has been producing very amazing products and has a very user interface. And this time Xiaomi is going to come with its new custom Android UI for Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones. This user interface brings with it many new features, improvements and also visual changes.

We all know that Xiaomi’s customized Android interface is one of the most popular UI’s along with Huawei’s EMUI and Samsung’s One UI. Recently on May 19, 2020, Xiaomi has officially introduced MIUI 12 and presents the best new features. This time Xiaomi is quite more committed than ever and the new interface seems to be ready.

The company gave us the first insight into the new UI with the introduction of the MI 10 Youth Edition. The MIUI 12 mainly focuses clearly on aesthetics and privacy as well. Further in this article, you will come to know some tips and tricks for MIUI 12.

MIUI 12 tips and tricks:-

New animations and icons:-

  • When we look out at the images of MIUI 12, we can see that the new interface is really beautiful.
  • MIUI 12 icons on the home screen will show a subtle animation when leaving an app.
  • Every app under MIUI 12 is opened visually directly from the app icon and disappears back there when closing. Instead of opening and closing in the middle.
  • The much thicker font makes the whole surface much clearer and tidier.
  • Coming to the new icons for the battery display, where users can choose from four possible displays for the upper icon bar.
  • In the settings, Xiaomi hides many small, lovingly designed details in the depths of the settings.
  • Many new animations will be added such as “bubbling” battery or animated diagrams in the battery display.
  • The new animations also extend to other areas in the depth of MIUI 12. For example, we can take the overview of the internal memory of a fancy animation from a PowerPoint presentation than of an info display.

MIUI new control centre:-

  • The new control centre in MIUI 12 looks quite similar to its US counterpart.
  • By swiping down on the right side, Xiaomi and Redmi users get blue-green tiles in the new control centre.
  • MIUI also offers 12 large tiles that show further settings options when pressed and held. Example Wi-fi networks or Bluetooth devices.

Dynamic windows:-

  • MIUI 12 brings free-floating app windows to the surface.
  • This means that an app window can be resized by gesture and placed anywhere on the screen.

New Navigation gestures:-

  • Surprisingly Google is been telling its partners to implement the full-screen gestures introduced under Android 10 in custom UIs
  • Xiaomi has implemented the navigation gestures in MIUI 12 with nice effects and in tile look.
  • In future, swiping will replace pressing screen buttons to switch directly between apps and display background apps in the overview.

Interactive wallpapers:-

  • There are several new wallpapers and themes introduced.
  • Which Xiaomi calls Super Wallpapers, which can zoom closer to a planet with every interaction that takes a user deeper into the system.

A new Dark Mode unsupported apps:-

  • This is a very interesting feature, which is already available under Oppo’s ColorOS.
  • MIUI 12 can force apps to appear darker if they do not offer a native dark mode.
  • By inverting colours in apps, users will be able to select a dark surface even though the app does not support dark mode.

MIUI 12 changelog and improvements:-

  • New weather animations with real-time visualizations on the display.
  • New system animations with dynamic windows, new content and its structure, animated information and super wallpapers.
  • Xiaomi also offers a family storage plan with MIUI 12.
  • There are certain improvements in data protection, MIUI 12 is the first Android-based mobile operating system that has passed several strict privacy tests.
  • Grant permissions only while you are using an app.
  • Reset your device ID and control how it is used based on Virtual ID technology.

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