Google Pixel 4a

Google is all set to launch the affordable Pixel for this year with the new Google Pixel 4A. Previously we got rumours about Google cancelling the plans of launching the Pixel 4Aon June 4. The tipster also revealed the new launch date for the Pixel 4A. Now the same tipster has shared new details about the Pixel 4A launch.

As per the tweet, Google will stick the announcement date of Pixel 4A on July 13. But the source revealed that Pixel 4A Barely Blue colour variant is been already ripped off. Yes, there will be no Barely Blue colour variant of the Pixel 4A now. Further, the sale date of the new Pixel 4A Black model will launch on Oct 22 which is huge three months delay.

Google Pixel 4a

Previous leaks revealed that Black variant will arrive on Aug 6 and Bare Blue on Oct 1. Now, this might be a big disappointment for those waiting for the budget Pixel 4A. Lastly, Google might launch only the white and black colour options of the new Pixel 4A this year.

With this, we can expect Pixel 4A landing stores near you only in the month of Oct which indirectly confirms that Pixel 5 too will delay this year. Anyway, we have to wait for a few more days to know more about the new Pixel 4A.