Samsung One UI 2.0

Yes, with Xiaomi starting pushing out ugly ads to its low-cost and mid-range Redmi smartphones for three years we now have Samsung following the footsteps. Previously Samsung had launched some affordable smartphones under A-series and M-series in India which had the option to disable the ads through settings.

One UI 2.5

Now we have a new leak coming from South Korea where we can see huger banner ads being pushed to Samsung One UI 2.5. As per the source, the huge banner ads are being pushed to some of the stock Samsung apps and even on the lock screen. These ads will be only shown for Galaxy A and Galaxy M series users for now.

One UI 2.5

The screenshot shows that one needs to watch the 15 seconds ad to unlock the device which is just horrible. The other screenshot shows the banner ads been implemented even in the default weather app. We are still not sure whether these ads will be shown only for South Korean users or will be expanded to Global users in the future.