Samsung Galaxy A50s
Samsung Galaxy A50s

We all know when compared with other brands Samsung in-display fingerprint scanner is bit slower to respond and hardly detect the fingerprint. Now XDA developers have just found out a trick to boost up the performance of the in-display fingerprint scanner to any Samsung smartphone.

As per the source, the new fingerprint hack will boost up the unlocking speed to Samsung based in-display fingerprint device. All you have to do is visit the setting panel and select Apps. In the App section, you can find the three dots over the top-right corner of the display click on that and select Show System apps.

Samsung in-display fingerprint hack

Next step is to search the termĀ and select it. Once opened go to Battery and then choose Optimize battery usage and make sure you have selected All apps from the drop-down menu on the top. Now again search for the same term and tap on the toggle switch to unselect it. After doing this reboot the phone so that it gets applied.

Once rebooted you can try out that your Samsung in-display fingerprint sensor works flawless and detect faster than expected. So go and give it a try and do note that this might suck more juice from the battery.