Google Pixel 5 XL

Yesterday we saw Google announcing Android 11 DP for Pixel series also revealed some of the features of the same. Now XDA Developers has just found some hidden code on the Android 11 ROM revealed one of the feature Pixel 5.

Google Pixel 5

As per the source, the new Android 11 code revealed that Google Pixel 5 will indeed come with Wireless charging support. So finally Google bringing back the Wireless charging support which was last seen on Google Nexus lineup. Further, the source also confirms that Samsung likes reverse wireless charging support on the new Google Pixel 5.

The new reverse charging feature will be called as Battery Share in the setting menu which lets you to wirelessly charge any device that supports wireless charging. Further, the new Battery share will be exclusive to upcoming Google Pixel 5 as it comes with code “” and not Lastly, we also got the prototype renders of the new Google Pixel 5 leaked online.

Google Pixel 5

As per the source, the new Google Pixel 5 will look similar to Google Pixel 4 but with slightly thinner bezels on the top. So we can expect the Soli radar will be still present on the new Google Pixel 5. Sadly, no punch-hole display this time too. On the back, we still got that weird U-shaped camera carrying triple rear sensors with LED flash.

The new Android 11 ROM will also reveal the name redfin which is the upcoming Pixel 4a which will be using SD765G SoC.