Samsung Galaxy S11+

Previously we saw tons of leaks and even 3D CAD renders of the much-awaited flagship of 2020 with Galaxy S11 series. Now we have some big leaks coming which reveals that the upcoming Galaxy S11 series will have a different name after all.

Samsung Galaxy S11e

As per the tipster, Samsung might call the new Galaxy S11 series as Galaxy S20. Yes, Samsung is following Huawei footsteps and might directly jump to Galaxy S20 instead of S11 which Chinese brand did with Honor 10 to Honor 20 & Mate 10 to directly Mate 20 & Mate 30.

Based on the new leaks, we can expect the three new devices now will be called as Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20e and Galaxy S20+. We can even expect the upcoming Galaxy Note series too follow the same marketing strategy and launch directly with Galaxy Note 20 series. The change will also make sense as it resembles the year 2020. Anyway, it’s too early to comment on the new development of the Galaxy S20 series.

Samsung Galaxy S11

Further, the new Galaxy S11 or Galaxy S20 has now passed through BIS certification in India. So we can now confirm that there will also be a 4G variant of the Galaxy S11. Sadly, the BIS certification didn’t reveal much about the device apart from the model number.