Digital ventures have shown encouraging the trend of growth in the past few years in India. Specifically, the Delhi based ventures have proved that the digital revolution of the nation is a ground reality; not just a fluke.


A lot of hype was created about the Digital India revolution back in 2015-2016, and it’s still pretty much on. Upon analysing things at the ground level, it is quite evident that the Delhi based ventures are comparatively more successful over others. Moreover, the revolution is not just constrained within the high-end B2B platforms or online transaction platforms. Upon analysing the success rate, it is evident that the web-based service providers, those which deal with the end users are equally established as well. This conveys about the claims that the digital revolution has actually reached the ground level in India.

The following Delhi based digital ventures thoroughly depict about the claims made above.


News Patrolling:

News Patrolling is a digital news publishing house. It is being heard that the current Government of India is planning for FDI in digital news sites. However, News Patrolling may not be too bothered about that as it has already established its stature. Be it about being displayed on prestigious 7 storey NASDAQ building in New York or being the media partner of many esteemed award ceremonies, has moved a long away.


Gatekraft has managed to derive a perfect niche for itself observing the prominent architecture and real-estate hub that Delhi is. It is currently the household name for fabrication needs among Delhites. They have made the all-out fabrication products and service segments available over their online platform. Ranging from the aluminium partitioning, grill works, gate manufacturing, metal railing, balcony railing, staircase manufacturing, shed construction, structural fabrication, to metal sheet roofing, Gatekraft can be the one-stop destination for all. No matter it’s about the sky kissing apartments or the typical Delhi households, Gatekraft has an effective solution for all.

Laundry World:

It’s a rare feat indeed to make an online laundry service providing venture successful in India. However, LaundryWorld has made it into reality. The success of Laundryworld should change the perception that Indians don’t encourage online domestic services. LaundryWorld deserves the due credit for breaking the stereotypes. It’s their trustworthy and timely effective service that has made them a household name among the Delhites. Not just that only the elite class or corporate professionals account in its client base; Laundry world enjoys an envious hilt over the Indian middle-class families as well, powered by their smart price features. too has discovered a bankable niche for itself observing the contemporary urban scenario in Delhi. With the growing trend of being tech-savvy, Delhites are hugely dependent upon the tools and technicalities. Starting from the residential purposes to mega-events, technology is everywhere. has managed to be the most trustworthy online platform for a whole range of products and service needs in these segments in Delhi. In concurrence, it has established itself as the prominent sales marketing & distribution Company for technology-based products as well.