Xiaomi Mi Mix 4

Earlier we had few rumours about Xiaomi plans to launch second 108MP sensor flagship with the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4. We even got a few leaks suggesting that it could arrive with punch-hole display and SD855+ SoC. Now we have some bad news for those who wait for the Mi Mix 4.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha 5G

As per the source, Xiaomi has officially confirmed that there will be no Mi Mix 4. As per the post on Weibo Xiaomi Brand Manager has now officially confirmed that there is no Mi Mix 4 for now and will have only Mi Mix Alpha on the line.

This might break many fans heart as the Mi Mix Alpha is not everyone cups of tea. Anyway, probably Xiaomi has ended the Mi Mix series now and will have to wait for some other series that might replace the Mi Mix series.